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The 80% Factor for Corporate and Professional Drivers

  • Over 80% of drivers believe they are better than the other guy
  • Over 80% of collisions are the result of a bad decision

Complacency and bad decisions cause the majority of collisions. Drivers miss an important piece of information that would have told them to implement a driving change. Drivers know that experience is what keeps them safe. Traditional driver training programs emphasize rules of the road and vehicle control. The problem with this approach is that it does not properly address the major cause of vehicle incidents: poor decision making. Add the complexity of demanding environments and new and stressful situations- and the potential for poor decision making behavior increases significantly.

Driver Activation Simulation Training

The solution is to train drivers from the head down - not the feet up – to create thinking drivers who are more engaged while in the car. Only Driver Activation Training™ provides a curriculum that specifically leverages simulation technology to produce better driving decisions. We provide an experienced-based driver training program that uses the proprietary SPOT™ curriculum - Scan, Predict, Options, Take Action – to teach drivers how to see more and become more aware of their driving environment – thus activating their driving. Drivers learn to more effectively scan for hazards. Predicting improves thinking and driver activation. We train drivers to be engaged in the driving process. Drivers learn how to use multiple options in dealing with challenges. And then they practice to ensure they can take action with confidence. SPOT™ will change driving decisions and create better drivers.


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