Mississauga / GTA Novice Driver Simulation Training Program

Your teen (novice) driver does not have the benefit of your experience. This is why they are 60% more likely to be in a collision. Inexperience, distractions and poor decision making are the leading causes of these collisions.

The drive for life Novice Driver Program is for novice drivers who (a) have just completed their G1 and are beginning to learn to drive and (b) for those who are preparing for their G2 or G road test and need extra experience and training to become safer on the road.


Decision Based Simulated Driver Training Program

Our simulator based training lets novice drivers experience the widest range of challenges without the risk. We work on improving their decision making skills when faced with hazardous situations. Traditional driver education focuses on learning to control the car. Unfortunately, most collisions are a result of a bad decision-not losing control of the car. We're different. We teach novice drivers where the danger is by putting them in these situations without the risk. drive for life starts by training the brain, then the feet- a better way to learn- and creating safer drivers who are more aware of their driving environment. You will achieve this by learning how to effectively use our proprietary SPOT technique to anticipate various driving situations: Scan, Predict, Options Available, Take Action. (This is essential to maintain strong defensive driving techniques).

Insurance Cost Savings Programs

Proven results lead to our unique recognition from leading insurance companies.

Royal & SunAlliance and Western Assurance have actively supported the development of drive for life. They have led the insurance industry by creating a new discount rate structure that proactively encourages new drivers to take this innovative training. StartSmart is an innovative auto program for families with young drivers who care about safety. Royal & SunAlliance wants your family to be better prepared for driving situations, and help new drivers avoid common, but dangerous, mistakes.

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